Do You Want To Take A Walleye Night Fishing Trip, Here Are Some Tips To Help Make It A Success

For those of you out there who are interested in walleye night fishing, here is the place to be. I will give you some proven night walleye fishing tips that you can apply in most water bodies to increase your catch rate. If you have never been night walleye fishing then you could be in for a great big treat. Some of the best walleye action that I have ever had has been after dark.

Before you ever venture onto a lake for walleye night fishing, be sure you know the waters shore line where you will be fishing and any structure that could be the cause of harm if you take a boat near it. Lakes that are fished heavily during daylight hours are often the best candidates for night time fishing. Walleye will shy away from lures in the day that you can use with great success at night.

It also helps to know where good fishing structure is because it is WAY harder to locate and stay over in the dark. Also don’t go out to a lake that doesn’t produce fish during the daylight hours on a regular basis. If you can’t catch a fish in the day, fishing at nigh isn’t going to help you much.

Also check your local regulations because there are lakes that do not allow fishing at night under any circumstance.

Walleye prefer to stay in deeper darker water in the daylight due to having eyes that function poorly in bright water. Walleye eyes are built to collect light from poor sources –i.e.: the moon and this enables them to see much better at night or on overcast days than in bright sun.

When I am night walleye night fishing it is most often in less than 12 feet of water. The cooler water temperature near the surface at night seems to affect the fish. In the early spring and late fall, night walleye are often found within 5 feet of the waters surface.

Walleye bite better at night after a long hot sunny day. The difference in temperature between the day and night is greater and produces more active fish.

Just as in daylight fishing, you are going to want to find structure to fish around. Structure is the key to great night walleye fishing. Shallow rock shoals, islands and points are all great places to start looking for the species.

At night you must still focus on typical walleye structure but increase the radius around that structure by twice the distance you would normally fish and you can often get into more walleye.

At night a mixture between weeds, sand, rocks, gravel, dead fall whatever is there is going to produce many more fish. Thick weed beds often produce many less fish at night simply due to that it is harder for fish to locate food in them at night so they venture farther out of the shelter to find there midnight snack.

When walleye fishing at night, you don’t want to think that you must use conventional style walleye fishing techniques to catch fish, think of walleye as a real predator at night, they become the northern pike of the dark. Fast, aggressive, killers, therefore I forget about jigs almost entirely and toss out large soft plastic swim baits and medium length cranks. Fish them higher in the water column so fish are seeing the lure against the sky.

Fish locate lures at night by seeing the silhouettes of the lures. Therefore walleye night fishing tackle should resemble something that looks like walleye food.

As odd as it may seem black, dark purple, navy blues and dark browns are the best color of lure to use a night. The reason being is that the sky is a lighter color than the water and a dark lure will produce a great silhouette against the surface of the water. There is no reason not to take lighter colored lures with you at night.

Take lures that produce a lot of flash, a great silhouette, noise and vibration to get the best results a night. I am on the fence about weather or not scents actually help me or not. Some days I think they do other times I think they are a waste of time. I have gotten into the habit of putting a healthy amount of scent on my lures at night, simply because, it can’t hurt, can it?

In the dark you can’t see you rod tip, you can’t see into the water. That means you have to rely on your other senses to know when you have a bite and when to set the hook. For this reason you must ensure your equipment is in good working order before you ever hit the water at night.

Finally, ALWAYS take appropriate safety equipment when walleye night fishing. Fishing at night has the potential to become a very dangerous situation, weather and wind can come at you very fast in the dark and you must be prepared for the unexpected. A cell phone and a GPS unit are priceless tools to have when night fishing.

So how about trying a little walleye night fishing. My favorite way to go lunker hunting. It might just hook you back!

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